Xbox Live Marketplace now available on the Internet

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You know those moments in life when you suddenly realise everyone else knows somwthing you don’t? Like when you’re told to go ask little Suzy out even though everyone (but you) knows that little Suzy is going out with Billy Bob and doesn’t like you? No? Well… lets get back to gaming now shall we.

This just in,  2 weeks ago the NXE was launched and alongside that the online Marketplace has been added to So now you can waste away the hours at the office by browsing through the marketplace and seeing what you would like to download, then selecting download and the next time your Xbox 360 is turned on the download will start.

This is especially helpful when you read about a new Arcade title being released but have forgotten about it by the time you get home.

Or as in my case you can scrounge around the gamerpics and themes listed trying to find the free ones because you are to cheap to pay for them. 

So for the guys and girls who haven’t seen it yet you can head on over to and check it out, you need to sign in first.

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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