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Xbox Live Rewards program is now live in the US and UK

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Microsoft has announced this morning that it’s Xbox Live Rewards program is finally going live, but unfortunately only in the US and UK. It appears the rest of us aren’t quite ready for the awesome that is Xbox Live Rewards.

So what is the program exactly?

Well it’s a simple loyalty program really, the more you spend on Xbox Live the more free Microsoft points you get.

So for example if you renew you Xbox Live subscription you will get between 10 and 400 points and if you take a survey you will get 20 points, and if you… no wait those are the only two options.

Points for renewing and points for taking a survey. Not that it’s bad to get something for free  but I did expect a little more originality from them.

Here’s the full breakdown of what you can earn.

Source: Xbox

Last Updated: December 2, 2010

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