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Xbox Live Silver Accounts Demoted

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The fall update has changed the rules regarding the Silver and Gold accounts.

Now if you are still on the silver account you will notice that you can no longer download the demo’s and free content as soon as it is added to the marketplace.

These are now exclusively available to Gold members for the first week and then only can the silver members access it.

Personally I think Microsoft are just being cheeky here by trying to force Silver members to upgrade to Gold accounts even though they are not using the multi-player portion.

According to Major Nelson

This is not done to annoy our Silver members—limited time exclusive access to content is just one of the many benefits of having a Gold Xbox Live account.

I say bollocks, this is done completely to annoy the Silver members and to remind them that things will be better if they upgrade.

FYI: Free Xbox Live Marketplace content and Silver accounts – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson

Last Updated: December 5, 2007

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