Xbox Live South Africa and Account Migration Officially Available As Of… NOW!

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[Update: We have added the steps you need to take to migrate your account over]

This post marks the exact moment that Xbox Live is officially available in South Africa.

It’s just hit midnight and as announced at the Xbox Live / Kinect Launch event, the services are now officially available to Xbox 360 owners. Owners who have Xbox 360’s in South Africa and have wanted to get onto Xbox Live can now sign up using the website or their Xbox 360 dashboard.

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Existing Xbox Live members are now also able to migrate over to a South African account as well, and to entice them to do so, Microsoft has added a little bit of an incentive. Anyone who migrates over to Xbox Live South Africa from their existing account will be given either 800 or 1600 Microsoft Points, depending on their download history.

One of our readers has also sent us the Q&A with regards to how to migrate your account over. Here are the steps:

Q: How do I migrate my account?

1. Sign in to Xbox LIVE and go to My Account page

2. Click on Account Region

3. Select your country

4. Follow the steps outlined. Remember to re-download your content to a USB flash drive or your hard drive before continuing

5. Read and accept the Terms of Use

6. Your account will now be migrated to the LIVE offering in your chosen country

7. Select membership level: Silver or Gold

8. For Gold membership you will required to enter your billing information

9. You are now a member of the official LIVE in South Africa. Congratulations!

We will be posting more news and information about the Xbox Live / Kinect launch as well as additional details later in the day.

Stay tuned.

Last Updated: November 10, 2010

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