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Xbox Live “Spring” update details leaked!

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According to Joystiq and a leaked internal memo, Microsoft will be ushering a brand new dashboard update to your internet-connected Xbox 360’s this month, starting on May 19th.

According to the memo, users can expect…not much change at all. what the Spring update does seem to bring is the rumoured XDG3 disc format update that increases Xbox 360 DVD storage space by a whopping 1GB, something that’ll enable multi-disc games like L.A Noire ship on two and a half discs instead of three. The only other noticeable change brought about by the update will be the inclusion of Paypal support for “international markets” that struggle to buy legitimate vouchers for Microsoft’s funnymoney digital currency. It’s somewhat displeasing that they’re now giving regions without Live a means to pay for digital content, something many of us would have preferred to the pared down Xbox Live service we’re currently burdened with.

The update will be rolled out in 6 staggered waves, starting on the aforementioned May 19th, and will continue until May 30th “to ensure a high quality deployment.” Curiously, the touted new quasi video-chat service Avatar Kinect won’t be included with the update, but will be available as a separate download listed for a May 27th release.

Given the recent events that have plagued Microsoft’s primary competitor, I’d not be surprised if the update included one or two security updates s well.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: May 10, 2011

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