Xbox One April Update out, but missing core features

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Consistent updates have gradually made the Xbox One experience better and better every month, and Microsoft has done well to keep requested features slowly tricking onto the console. The April update, although not the most exciting one yet, was set to introduce some necessary updates to features such as party chat – but it’s missing anything of substance at the moment.

The April Update is out of preview and available for download right now, but two core features are still stuck in testing. Voice messages and dedicated servers for party chat easily headlined the April Update, and they’re the two features that are currently stuck in limbo. Microsoft doesn’t know when they be ready yet either, so it seems my vulgar messages stored for Darryn will have to wait just a few weeks for a receiver.

The rest of the update addresses some small, niggling issues that the console has had for sometime now. You’ll no longer have to launch the Achievements app to see what you’re brand new reward is for, with a little description appearing underneath every new notification (much like the Xbox 360). The UI for Party chat has also been improved to better communicate connection status, while Game Hubs will allow you and your friends to follow specific games and generate activity feeds for them.

Nothing too knockout with the exclusion of voice messages and dedicated party chat servers, but Major Nelson assures fans that the feature will be out once Microsoft is confident in their stability. You can check out all the new features in action below.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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