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Xbox One, batteries are included

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Hey Hey it’s Monday… yeah it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Oh well let’s start off today with the breaking news that the Xbox One controller is going to be shipping with not one, but two whole AA batteries.

Yes according to Major Nelson you are not going to suffer that agonising experience of opening up your brand new toy and then having to empty the TV remotes of their batteries so you can get your game on.

Granted this isn’t really news but it does lead us into a discussion over whether or not replaceable batteries for top-end electronics are a little ridiculous now?

We all know that battery disposal is one of the worst things for the environment and that Microsoft is going to be selling a play and charge kit for the Xbox One; so really shouldn’t they be including that rechargeable battery as default?

Again we point out that Sony is including a rechargeable batter in its controllers but I guess the temptation of all those people buying plug and play kits is simply too much to ignore.

In all fairness it isn’t a big deal but hey it’s Monday and we need to get into the mood for a long week of serious discussions –  so sound off below.

Last Updated: August 12, 2013

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