Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has a star-studded cast

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It’s been a particularly excellent year for the Xbox One, and 2015 doesn’t look like it’s going to let up either. At the very top of the list lies Quantum Break, an ambitious third-person shooter that gets all up in time’s grill. There’s a lot of shooting and time wrapping, but considering this is Remedy’s game there’s also a ton of story. That’s where a Hobbit and an icy X-Man step in.

Remedy has revealed that Dominic Monaghan (from The Lord of the Rings and the terrible Lost)  and Shawn Ashmore (icy man from most recent X-Men)  are going to be playing big roles in Quantum Break. Remedy tweeted out a picture of both actors in full mo-cap gear, meaning they’ll probably retain most of their likeness in the game as well.

As for their roles, well Remedy was tight lipped. Based on the gameplay that’s already been shown we can definitely rule out their involvement as the main protagonist – which just leaves it up to guessing. I’m going to throw in my two cents and suggest that Ashmore will be a villain in some form, while Monaghan will end up being some of ally. Again, complete guesswork on my side.

While they are definitely working on something for the game, both actors could also crop up in the parallel TV series that will run with Quantum Break. Unaffected by the closure of Microsoft Entertainment, the series will focus on the evil corporation that you’re fighting against in the game, fleshing out some of the backstory week by week.

Quantum Break is out exclusively for Xbox One next year, and right now it’s looking like the console’s killer app. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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