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Xbox One February update could finally fix Party Chat, out now

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Xbox One February update out now

It’s already February and the Xbox One has been without a major update this year. Microsoft stuck pretty well to monthly updates last year, but it seems like they just needed a few more days for the very first one in 2015. Thankfully it’s finally up, and it’s fixing a lot of major issues.

Firstly, Party Chat. It’s been a huge issue since launch, with friends dropping in and out of parties, a mess of UI options and a general desire for me to punch it in the face. The February update is said to improve connections and performance, especially for those running with Strict or Moderate NAT types. The UI is also being edited a bit for a more user friendly appearance.

Other changes and upgrades include:

  • Controller improvements – Controller syncing will now take about two seconds, improved from its previous 4-5 second connection window. Overall stability has also been improved.
  • Game Hubs – These are dedicated game pages, which will show you which of your friends are playing these games, while also including leadership functionality. Folks can also check out clips and broadcasts for the selected game.
  • Tile transparency – Tiles will now appear more transparent to make the dashboard friendlier to custom backgrounds.
  • Xbox TV trending – Scanning the OneGuide TV listings will have a “Trending on Xbox” and “Trending on Twitter” display to help keep viewers aware of the shows of the moment.

Yes, there still isn’t an option to take screenshots with your console, which was the most glaring omission from updates last year. All in all, it’s quite a modest update, although the improvement to Party Chat had me updating my console as soon as possible. Remember that you’ll need to physically connect your controller to update it – and remember to keep that chat adapter plugged in too.

If you’re allergic to words, here’s Major Nelson with the breakdown for you.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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