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Xbox One gameplay recording restricted to Gold members only

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Xbox One say what

One of the most exciting additions to the next console generation is the ability to record your gameplay and share it with friends and enemies alike. But it looks like Microsoft is missing the point on this one.

The website, onehitpixel, has confirmed with Microsoft that their 5 minute DVR facility will be limited to Xbox Live Gold members only. Microsoft’s official response was

“I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only”

Now I have no problem with the idea of Xbox Live Gold, I enjoy the features that Gold gives me and I prefer the Xbox Live experience to the PSN experience (excluding the game library) and I believe a big reason behind that is that Live is a money spinner for Microsoft and as such they are motivated to keep the online network solid.

But they’ve missed the boat on this one. Now instead of seeing a plethora of Xbox One gameplay video’s hitting the community we are going to see a significant majority of these video’s coming from the PlayStation 4 community.

And impressions are everything when it comes to this as it will appear that the PlayStation 4 is the dominant console in the online space.

This may be another feature that Microsoft should consider doing a u-turn on.

Last Updated: August 8, 2013

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