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Xbox One getting keyboard and mouse support

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Xbox One getting keyboard and mouse support

Microsoft is all about the Windows 10 ecosystem, and things are set to kick off in just under a week. Windows 10 will make its debut on PC next week, with the Xbox One hopefully getting it in the weeks to follow. Windows 10 is going to connect your console and PC in new ways, and that takes a lot of work to get feeling right. Work that includes new forms of input for your living room console.

Xbox’s own Phil Spencer has confirmed that the Xbox One will be getting keyboard and mouse support soon, as the console edges closer to the big Windows 10 update. Keyboards already worked with the console, but Spencer said the big challenge was mouse input. It’s unclear if this means games will natively work with alternate inputs on the console, but it’s a safe assumption to make given Windows 10 PC gaming.

What it does question is streaming. The Xbox One can already stream games to Windows 10 PCs, but what about the reverse? Spencer also acknowledges a question about the possibility of PC to Xbox One streaming, saying that the idea was an interesting one. But not an idea with a plan yet.

I do, however, think it’s a feature that will eventually arrive on the ecosystem, given the growing popularity of being able to stream games around your home. Valve is already prepped to ship the Steam Link at the end of this year – a $50 device that allows you to beam your PC games straight to your TV over the internet. Having that connection between a PC and Xbox One is a far more expensive setup, but one that existing owners of both would probably really appreciate (I know I would).

It would also bolster keyboard and mouse support, which is an exciting new prospect for gaming on Xbox One. Being given the choice of input for any game is a treat, so here’s to hoping it’s not limited in any way.

Last Updated: July 22, 2015

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