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Xbox One issues with surround sound

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Surround sound

Considering the amount of TV oriented marketing Xbox One received, you would assume that the TV experience would be phenomenal. However, Xbox One is unable to support digital surround sound. Well, now it seems that they may be working on that.

Over on the Xbox support pages, the reply to complaints about digital sound not working was:

The Xbox One console does not support digital surround sound input over HDMI. If your cable or satellite box is sending audio data through your Xbox One over HDMI, only stereo sound will be received. For surround sound, you’ll need to consider an alternative configuration.

Note Your Xbox One can still produce digital surround sound for games and Blu-Ray or DVD films – it just doesn’t have pass-through surround sound from the HDMI In port.

However, as of this morning, the page has been updated with a new response. Digital surround sound is available as a beta. I’m not entirely sure how sound can be in beta, but okay. The Xbox One can produce digital surround sound for games, Blu-ray and DVDs; it’s only the digital audio pass-through from cable or satellite boxes that’s now in beta. Maybe they were being honest all along – at least the games work with surround sound; maybe TV isn’t the primary focus.

In a way, it’s nice that Xbox will only be launching locally next year; by the time we get it, all these strange kinks should be ironed out. At least, that’s my hope.

Last Updated: November 21, 2013

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