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Xbox One owners are going to be ‘appy this year

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Hey! Remember how the Xbox One was meant to be both a retail unit and a development kit, right out of the box? Microsoft’s new console was supposed to be a godsend for independent developers – but it started to look like that functionality was another of the Xbox One’s infamous about turns. It appears that the retail-to-dev-kit update is coming.

So says The Verge, who also say that we’ll soon have a wealth of apps on the Xbox One. Right now, The Xbox One is built on a series of apps that run atop the core operating system. Only a small handful of developers are able to build these apps; Microsoft’s in house ones, and media partners such as Netflix and Hulu.

The Verge reports that in April this year, at the Build developer conference, Microsoft will be detailing how its retail/developer functionality will work, and release a new SDK alongside the information. This new SDK would open up apps to more developers, and should even allow apps to run in the background while you’re playing games – so you can finally have your own music playing while you game. Funnily enough, this functionality was built in the Xbox 360 without need of extraneous apps, but I digress.

It’s the beginning of the promised “universal apps” – those that’ll run on both the Xbox One and Windows PCs running the company’s new Windows 10 operating system. Implementation of that is expected by November this year.

Last Updated: February 18, 2015

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