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Not many people amaze me in the world. I’m merely mildly impressed by a lot of people –  but I have to admit I turn into somewhat of the stereotypical fan girl around the Top Gear crew. Those middle aged, fat, balding and tiny Englishmen do something to me that they really shouldn’t.

Bugger this got awkward all of a sudden.

Where was I… Oh yeah, a new video has been released by Top Gear in conjunction with the Xbox One and Forza and it definitely made me giggle.

Take a look and check out those lap times.

I’m no racing expert so I know there is no way I have any chance of betting The Stig but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that Nick is going to give this a go after his well received preview yesterday. You can also win 10 bonus internet points if you can tell me what country that car comes from and an extra 10 for naming its famous race.

Now I’m off to re-watch every single episode of Top Gear again.

Oh and if you want to know more about this opportunity then click here

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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