Xbox One vs PS4–What we currently know

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The PlayStation 4 was revealed to universal acclaim earlier this year with Microsoft revealing their contender to universal disdain last week. But is the reaction from the Internet over blown? How different are the two consoles if we compare the facts?

Well thanks to Ralph Cifra from designmodo we can now show you the facts in a nice infographic format.

It’s a long one so get that scroll wheel ready


So there you have it, they are both a lot closer than many would believe. However the crucial always on Internet and used game issues are still the real sticking point.

Thankfully Microsoft has revealed via twitter that it is listening to the feedback. If they do nothing but change the online requirement and used game fee’s then they’ll be back on an even footing which will be the best for the entire industry.

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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