Xbox One way behind PS4 in sales

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Ps4 vs xbox one

The Xbox One is finally picking up in sales. It has launched in a bunch of new territories, including South Africa, and the numbers are looking up. Microsoft has triumphantly announced their sales numbers for the last period, but it’s still not looking too inspiring compared to the competition.

Microsoft hasn’t been giving us sales numbers as frequently as Sony. Remember at Gamescom when they announced that PlayStation had sold through (meaning they were in consumers’ homes and offices instead of sitting on retail shelves) 10 million PS4s. The last official number we got was back in January when Xbox said that they’d sold in 3 million units, otherwise we just have NPD figures and random estimates. At least we have some solid figures from Microsoft for the last quarter, and the regional launches have done well for them:

Microsoft said that it sold 2.4 million Xbox consoles (presumably most of which were Xbox One) as the Xbox One launched in a total of 28 new markets. All told, Devices and Consumer revenue grew 47 percent to $10.96 billion.

They went on to clarify that this was the sold in number, and they still aren’t distinguishing between Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales but only focusing on the brand’s sales all together. The fact that Microsoft won’t simply reveal the total sell in numbers makes me worry that the console is doing far worse than everyone is imagining.

Based on the rough estimates for numbers, I would hazard a guess that the Xbox One has sold about 7.5 million units. That is excellent for the first year of a new console, but it just isn’t keeping pace with the PS4. The Wii U, which everyone regards as a failure, is sitting with around 8 million units sold, but it’s clear that they will need to fight the longer battle in the console war. The PS4 was vastly preferred at launch, although with price drops and getting rid of the Kinect, the Xbox One might still come out ahead in the long run. I love my PS4, but if I were looking to buy a new console today instead of last year, it would be a much more difficult decision.

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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