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Xbox Series X early impressions praise the console’s next-gen loading times

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Just over a week ago, select members of the media got their hands on preview units of the Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer still holds a grudge against us for hating on Fable, so we had to make do with a badly photoshopped picture of us with the console in a desperate attempt to be relevant. The embargo on impressions has lifted for those lucky few who got to play with the console, and the verdict so far?

It’s good. It’s damn good.

IGN, The Verge, CNET, GameSpot, and VentureBeat have all praised the Xbox Series X for its quality of life improvement focus. The console’s SSD and Xbox Velocity Architecture software means that games aren’t just quicker to jump into, but you can juggle multiple instances of your favourite titles in the time that it takes you to dramatically sneeze.

And this is for games that are merely taking advantage of the raw SSD power, instead of being specifically fine-tuned for it. Games like Final Fantasy XV, Control, and The Outer Worlds are playable within a mere ten seconds, while an infamous loading screen hog like Red Dead Redemption 2 takes less than 40 seconds to render in Dutch screaming about his latest plan. That, and you can have up to six games running at the same time, that you can swap between like a cat choosing allegiances.

As for the actual amount of storage that you’ll have to play with out of the one terabyte Xbox Series X? That’ll be 802 gigabytes according to IGN. It’ll be worthwhile to invest in a spare hard drive, but if you’re already dreading spending a few extra grand on the expansion card for the Xbox Series X, it might be worth looking at a cheaper USB 3.1 alternative.

Moving games between storage formats doesn’t take long at all, as VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb found out:

The media couldn’t say much more, but other previews are coming. Overall, it looks like the Xbox Series X is more of the same, but quicker and better. And that’s something that I can dig. There’s still plenty of stock locally of the Series X and its more modest Series S sister if you’re looking to blow your 13th paycheque already.

Last Updated: September 29, 2020

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