Xbox signs reality TV executive

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Microsoft is really determined that Xbox One will be the all around experience in your living room. Of course, most people watch TV in their living room, and plenty of that TV is of the reality persuasion – at least in the US of A. So, it makes sense that they would sign someone on to help create “unscripted video content” on the Xbox.

It’s official, Ari Mark has joined up with Xbox Entertainment Studios in Santa Monica to oversee the creation of “unscripted video content for Microsoft”. According to IMDB, Mark is the AMC executive behind reality successes The Pitch, Comic Book Men and Talking Dead. Apparently these shows are very successful, although I honestly don’t understand how The Walking Dead ended up with a talk show.

I may be the only woman/person left on this planet who really doesn’t enjoy reality TV – it seems to have permeated every aspect of our culture. Now we’re getting reality TV on the Xbox? What is this – Keeping up with the Console Wars? I suppose this is meant to balance out the Spielberg Halo project – I just wonder what kinds of strange and bizarre reality TV we can expect.

Last year, we got announcement about documentaries/unscripted TV shows for Xbox – one announcement was for a soccer show, the other was about unearthing the Atari ET game landfill. I’d honestly be interested in seeing that show about all the buried ET cartridges, but I’m not sure it would have much mainstream appeal. If the Xbox TV is supposed to appeal to the masses, shouldn’t it be like a normal TV production house – a rival to Netflix? Then again, I’m so confused by this business model, I obviously must be missing the point.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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