Xbox teases new reveals at Gamescom

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Xbox Teazers

This Gamescom is my first and the unanimous opinion from everyone I speak to is that Gamescom is way better than E3 – it’s more about hands-on time and opinion formulation than press briefings and random trailers. However, this Gamescom, the major players are broadcasting their press conferences, and maybe even revealing some new things.

Here is a video starring the actually-very-cool-in-real-life Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd, or as Darryn called him at E3, Mr. Bongos.

Mr. Bongos will be there, as will Major Nelson and a lady presenter for Xbox, Aoife “AoifeLockhart” Wilson to bring people all the coverage via Xbox Live. However, it seems that they’re not just doing booth tours and random interviews (although that will also happen). They’re going to be showing off the official Xbox press briefing, including some “reveals and surprises”.

Normally, Gamescom is the place to show off gameplay (in trailer and demo forms) and not do new game reveals. However, this kind of chatter can only mean that we’ll be seeing some actual new reveals during the trade show. Could this mean that EA’s Bioware isn’t the only company teasing new IP for Gamescom? Perhaps we’ll see Xbox revealing something more than the Halo Master Chief collection – this could be the sign of an all new game. Considering this is a more Euro-centric event, perhaps we could expect a game that is closer to the hearts of the international crowd rather than the Americans. What are you hoping Xbox reveals? Do you want another exclusive FPS title, or perhaps the return of a long lost franchise? What would make you truly excited for Gamescom?

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Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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