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Xbox to show strongest holiday offering?

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Holiday lineup

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops now – the Xbox One was already a pretty cool system. Now, by losing the Kinect it is getting a serious boost. I will definitely need to get one when it launches locally, but are we also getting the console just in time for some really great games?

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft’s chief marketing and strategy officer, Yusuf Mehdi, explained that the reason they made the announcements about the Kinect now was to free up space at E3 to focus on the games. Perhaps this will also include some talk about TV, but somehow I doubt it – it seems that Microsoft has finally gotten their act together.

I’m really excited about E3; cautiously optimistic that we’ll have the value proposition that is also a very strong, if not the strongest, games lineup for the second holiday. And then finally, the thing that has also differentiated Xbox One has been Xbox Live Gold, and that great multiplayer experience that we’re going to continue to invest in; some of it’s with the new announcements we’re making today, and some of it with the continued best-in-class Smartmatch experience. Those are the things that we think will stack up, so we love that comparison.

There’s so much good news – a kinect-less option, which should add some extra power to the Xbox One, plus new and improved Xbox Live Gold games. Microsoft is finally stepping up to the plate. Now that they are competing properly, it will be interesting to see if they can overcome Sony’s headstart with the PS4. Somehow, I think their sexy controller will help sell the Xbox even more. Of course, in the end it all comes down to the games. Microsoft has finally realized that again, which should make E3 even more exciting.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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