Xbox wants you to feel “true power” at E3 with their Scorpio teasers

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I wish I was a fly on the wall of the Xbox offices last year when the Xbox One S was leaked a couple of hours before it was due to be revealed at the Microsoft Showcase which is held each year at the massive Galen Center. Sure, Xboss Phil Spencer may have been all smiles and really good taste in T-shirts but I’m guessing that there must have been an absolute sh**storm the hour before in the marketing division for Xbox that was directed at the people responsible for slipping up.

Or maybe it was done on purpose, as last year’s number of leaks had plenty of folks wrapping their head in layers of conspiracy-grade tinfoil. This year has been refreshingly different however, as leaks have been minimal, to say the least. I’ve got a feeling that we’re heading into E3 with a sense of excitement and anticipation this year, as whatever secrets Microsoft and the rest of the big boys have planned have managed to remain locked up tighter than a duck’s anus.

I also think it’s safe to say that the Xbox Scorpio is going to be a showstopper. Even if you’re not planning on grabbing one, you’re most likely still keen to see if Microsoft’s next console can top the layer-cake design of Sony’s PS4 Pro. There’s plenty of hype for the device, which Microsoft is stoking further with short vignettes ahead of Sunday’s reveal. Check ‘em out for yourself:

Strange, sort of in a 1990s PlayStation One marketing kind of way. There might be a clue or two hidden in those videos which end with the “true power” slogan, as the phrase X10S101-317 pops up in them. According to my neighbour who believes in the Hollow Earth theory and that Donald Trump is a Yuge reptile-man in disguise, those numbers can be deciphered to reveal a date of October 13. Possible release date?

We’ll find out this Sunday during the Pre-E3 conferences I guess. UNLIMITED POOOOOOOOOOOWER!

Last Updated: June 8, 2017

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