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Xbox wants to launch a first-party game every three months in the near future

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You might as well butter them up, because Microsoft and Xbox have been on a roll lately. Get it? Cringe comedy aside, it’s good to see Team Green stepping up to the plate and challenging the likes of Sony and Nintendo to a duel or two with a slap of its recently acquired first-party glove. The Xbox brand has been snapping up all manner of studios as of late, growing their portfolio and seeding the future ahead with a library of games that’ll only be found on the Xbox ecosystem, which should make the next generation of consoles that much better.

This generation won’t be as fondly remembered by Microsoft, as Sony and Nintendo left the brand in the dust thanks to their own arsenal of high quality games that resulted in some of the finest system-sellers around. Microsoft is ending its generation with more stable footing, and if the future is any indication, it’s going to be establishing its own rhythm and flow as it releases more original games in the future.

According to Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty when he spoke to IGN, “every three months feels about right” in terms of how often we’ll see these games thrown out into the wild.

So, then if you’ve got a game [every three months] and you’re taking two to three years [to develop them]. You can kind of back into the math and say, well wow, you probably need somewhere between 10 and 12 studios. But… making games is not yet a perfect science, right? There’s no creative endeavour that is. So there’s going to be things that take longer.

There’s going to be some things that we start and say, ‘Hey, great idea, but it just isn’t, you know, the Jello doesn’t want to set. So I think we need some, some buffer in there, right? We’d love to be feeding a high quality game into game pass about every three months.

This year’s E3 was especially good for Microsoft in terms of quantity and quality. Brutal Legend studio Double Fine is now an Xbox studio alongside another department that’ll be dedicated towards pumping out Age of Empires games. It’s a promising new start for the company, and with a total of 15 first-party studios so far, it looks more than likely that the next generation of gaming is going to have plenty of exclusives flying the green banner once again.

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Last Updated: June 11, 2019

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