E3 2019 – All the news, trailers and Keanu from the Xbox press conference

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Keanu 1

Did you come for video games, new console announcements and Keanu Reeves? Then Microsoft’s E3 2019 Xbox press conference was the place to be today. Hosted in sunny Los Angeles, the Nokia center played host to all manner of game announcements over the course of 90 minutes. Whether all of those game reveals had you hyped to the moon and back or too underwhelmed to even hammer out a “meh” on Twitter, may be up to personal taste.

Microsoft’s biggest reveal was a mere glimpse at Project Scarlett, and talk of how the next generation of gaming is looking outside the console box towards a more defined and open ecosystem of gaming. All good stuff, but we all know who the real winner of the press conference was:

Breathtaking. If you missed out on the event, here’s a quick wrap-up of the biggest trailers and news to come out of it:

Keanu 2
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Last Updated: June 10, 2019

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