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Xbox's 'Cloud Power' in video and infographic form

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Guess what guys, next generation consoles are about to be released! Although, technically the Wii U is next gen and has already been released, but hey, let’s forget about that. I’m preparing to share my cats’ food in order to afford both the Xbox One and the PS4, but some of you are still debating. But look, there’s more information to sway you!

First up is an infographic that’s pretty light on the info but heavy on the graphic:

So, essentially that’s an entire infographic to tell us about the 300k servers and get some nice quotes from the guys who are bringing TitanFall and COD: Ghosts. 

Next up is a video that looks like it was shot by Gavin after a few too many beers – really guys, did no one check the focus on this? Graeme Boyd of Xbox speaks to Forza’s Creative Director Dan Greenawalt about how the cloud will make gaming better, but to me it ends up sounding like a description of SkyNet.

I’m sure these features will be interesting and add value to the game, I just really wish it didn’t sound like the start to every dystopian game, movie and book. 

Last Updated: August 28, 2013

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