XCOM: Enemy Within multiplayer update released

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The recent expansion to XCOM, XCOM:Enemy within, has received a balancing update to the multiplayer component of the game. The update changes the pricing of units, making many cheaper and some more overpowered units more expensive to compensate. The full table of changes can be found below.


Overpowered Lurkers have been made more expensive, while Sectoid Commanders and Psi Guardians have been made cheaper, so I can imagine Sectoid squads are going to be a big play in this new update, especially with an accompanying Psi Guardian. Rookies and most basic units have seen a point decrease, as well as AoE weapons like the Needle Grenades and Rockets. MEC units have increased in price which is a really good thing considering their tank-like resilience. Although the decrease in the drone price is still an incentive to use a Drone/MEC squad, so that combination remains unchanged, which may still cause trouble for those trying to counter that particular squad build. More concerning is the lack of Berserker and Chryssalid price adjustments, which are considered far too expensive and are rarely used in builds because of this reason.

Overall, the changes are a great step forward for XCOM multiplayer. It’s awesome to see 2K and Firaxis Games actually giving a damn about multiplayer and the balancing issues that normally plague online. While the changes are minor and certainly not perfect, as someone who dabbled in XCOM multiplayer for a while, I share the general consensus with players that these changes are welcome and needed. 

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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