Yahoo recommends which console this season?

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So with the mass markets eyes slowly shifting towards Christmas the next big question obviously becomes “which console is going to take this season?”

The Yahoo PlayBack slot has tackled this question this week and it is little suprise that once again the Nintendo Wii is the pre-season favourite.

However what is suprising is how badly Yahoo thinks of the PS3. Not only does it expect it to lose this silly season but that it will get absolutely trounced by its competitors.


The part that really got my attention was when they mentioned that the stand alone Blu-Ray players are starting to be cheaper than the PS3, which then takes away the PS3’s leading feature.

While their opinion is obviously debatable I do think it adds more weight to the argument that 2008 was not the year of the PS3 as previously predicted.

[Thanks ewie for the tip]

Last Updated: September 21, 2008

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