Yamauchi is embarrassed by AUTOArt logos – will be expunged

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In Monday’s ION post I linked to a story on Kotaku that was based on a screenshot of the underside of a car from Gran Turismo 5. The screenshot (after the jump) showed the logo for AUTOArt on the bottom centre of the car’s undercarriage. AUTOArt is a company that makes highly detailed die-cast models of cars. They’ve also made a range of Gran Turismo collectable cars in the past.

Curious then that the logo managed to make it into digital versions of the cars in Gran Turismo 5. I don’t know much about how they design the cars for the GT series but I’m guessing they use photographs from models and real cars as references when putting the digital versions together. Polyphony was quick to say that the addition of the logo was an Easter Egg for all fans of AUTOArt’s models. That, it seems, has changed because boss man Yamauchi plans to get rid of the logos in the next patch.

Yamauchi has now said, via his Twitter account, that “[the logo] is way too interesting. It will be erased in the next update.  Because it’s embarrassing.”

Why is it embarrassing if it was an Easter Egg to begin with? Unless, hang on… it wasn’t really an Easter Egg, was it? Somebody in the art department at Polyphony just got fired, didn’t they?

So, Gran Turismo fans, do you care that they might have accidentally left a logo on the bottom of some of the game’s assets? Didn’t think so. Whether you care or not won’t change the fact that in the next update the logos will be removed. I wonder how AUTOArt feels about this?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 9, 2010

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