Yep, Saints Row 4 is getting a season pass

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Ah season passes, bottled promises from the gaming industry. Most days, any game looking to make some extra scratch beyond the essential first week launch has them, promising gamers super-awesome future content for their buck. Saints Row IV won’t be a stranger to that concept, as they’ll be offering a DLC discount season pass as well. At least it includes some content that got Australia all hot and bothered.

For the low low price of $9.99 (ninety nine, ninety nine ninety niiiiiiiiiiiine), players can get $15 worth of content. This includes the upcoming spoof expansion pack, Enter the Dominatrix, another mission pack which will be out later in the year and the Rectifier anal probe weapon that got the game temporarily banned in Australia.

Apparently, launching a weaponised Vindaloo curry exit attack wasn’t seen as acceptable on that side of the ocean. So, if you’re looking to have all the DLC, it’ll most likely be worth your cash. The DLC for Saints Row 3 was actually pretty decent, so here’s hoping that Volition can keep the standard up.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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