Yes, Just Cause 3 is bloody massive

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Just Cause 3 (3)

Man, Just Cause 3 is going to be big. Real big. Bigger than a book of Yo Momma jokes. A big world, filled with all manner of tropical beauty and scenic vistas that most likely claimed the lives of many an environment artist at developer Avalanche Studios.

I’M GONNA BLOW IT ALL UP AND THEN SOME. Just Cause 3 is currently boasting that it may just have the biggest map ever seen in a video game, a sandbox that goes by the name of the Medici Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

400 Square Miles of of real estate, waiting to be annihilated with Baysplosions. “I think we still have one of the biggest maps ever,” game director Roland Lesterlin said in a new developer diary video.

The map itself now features three major regions: Region 1 is designed as a “medley of wealthy and poor towns” with farm areas dotted around, while Region 2 is filled with military bases and “very poor fishing towns.” Region 3 caps the design off, with an untamed region of forests and mountains.

“It’s sort of our Game of Thrones,” art director Zach Schlappi said of that region.

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Rico’s new environment was designed to fulfil two specific criteria: A vertical environment to emphasise the use of his new aerial abilities, and locations that would allow Rico to get “very quickly into the air”.

So yes, Just Cause 3 is indeed a ridiculously massive game, when you consider that Just Cause 2 had an area that measured around 20 square miles in size.

The challenge as usual, is to keep those zones interesting,a  problem that the first Just Cause sequel had. As gorgeous as the map was for the time, it did have a habit of feeling particularly empty at times. Unless you were in a jet. With a soldier attached to it, screaming for his life ebfore you ejected and watched said jet crash into an oil rig.

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Look, I’m getting distracted, but I’m also rather keen to relive some of that horrific property damage carnage again on December 1 when the game releases. I’m also super-keen to see what the PC modding community does with this one.

Last Updated: October 2, 2015

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