Yes, The Crew has a day one patch too

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Ubisoft’s open world racer The Crew is out, to little fanfare. Unlike some other great big social racing games, this one almost works as promised. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s safe from the current scourge of day one patches. If you’re one of the handful of die-hard racing fans who’ve already purchased The Crew, then you’ve probably already been subjected to the patch. If you’re still on the fence, then just know that you’ll have to do some downloading before you get started.

Unfortunately, at launch, the Crew’s most important feature didn’t work; you couldn’t actually join a crew. Now, thanks to the internet and 200Mb of your bandwidth, you can! I’ve not played the game yet, but it doesn’t seem that too many people are enjoying it much right now. It seems like it’s just another of Ubi’s open worlds, bland and lifeless and filled with unnecessary bloat.  Some have complained that the driving mechanics aren’t up to scratch. Others though, say the game has a ridiculous scope, and that it just takes a bit of levelling up for it to start being pretty damned fun.

For those who’re hating the way the game feels, apparently it’s just the default controls working against you. According to Reddit, changing the control options makes it all feel quite a bit better.

Go into the Control Options…

  • Set Car handling help level to Hardcore
  • Set Steering Sensitivity to approximately 3/4
  • Set Steering dead zone all the way to the left
  • Steering speed factor all the way to the right

This disables annoying assists, quickens the response times, and seems to make it less twitchy too. I tested it using a stock car, before installing any tuning packs, so I can’t say how it will affect but so far it’s improved the game immensely for me.

If you’ve been playing the game, tell us what you think of it. We’ve only just received copies, so we’ll have a review for it as soon as we can.

As for the day one patch, here’s what it fixes, changes, and adds.

Stability & performance

  • Fixed some random crashes on all game modes
  • Fixed an issue where some crews were disbanded randomly

Matchmaking, connectivity & replication

  • Fixed matchmaking and sessions problems
  • Fixed invite system in Private PVP game modes
  • Improved matchmaking and sessions on server side

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed issues related to Leaderboards scoring on Missions and Skills
  • Updated info on HUD for Gift packs
  • Resolved issues on Localization bugs
  • Fixes on Statistics computing values
  • Fixes on PVP lobby HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the “Mute” option was missing from player cards while inside a PvP lobby
  • Fixed an issue where an infinite loading animation of the gamer card picture was happening
  • Fixed an issue where the title shows the “Display” name instead of “Gamertag” for the active user inside the Leaderboards from the Driver ID menu


  • Fixed an issue where leaderboard displayed incoherent scoring on PVP Public FFA events
  • Fixed an issue where the collision’ and ‘Traffic’ options were not functional within the lobby
  • Fixed an issue preventing the HUD from refreshing when a crew member invites the crew master in a PvP public lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the crew gets disbanded after coming out of PVP lobby
  • Fixed the option to disable/enable voices during PvP events

Achievements and Awards

  • Fixed Achievements unlocking issues
  • Fixed Awards progression and unlocking issues


  • Fixed issues related on unlocking the content after purchasing DLC/ULC packs


  • Improved AI behavior in some situations
  • Fixes on HUD elements during missions
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players to join a mission after a quick coop search
  • Fixed an issue where some players in coop/solo missions where sent back to the log-in menu with a service error message


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t join a session or a crew
  • Fixed an issue where players could be missing from the crew list for other players in the same crew
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a player from entering a PvP lobby while in a crew of 4
  • Fixed an issue preventing the world ghost record to load and instead of the “Online ID” text “UNKNOWN” was displayed for all the skills
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashes when failing to connect to proxy
  • Fixed an issue where the game goes into infinite loading screen after using “Quit” and after being idle in the game
  • Fixed an issue where the PSN ID’s fails to load on leaderboards and was shown as “Loading” and “UNKNOWN” text
  • Fixed an issue where the crew was failing to update correctly after the crew master has removed his Ethernet/Signed-out/Shut down the console and logged in again
  • Fixed an issue where the loading time after pressing any button in title screen may be up to 2 minutes long
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not joining the crew after being invited
  • Fixed an issue where after a forced back to login, the gamer-pic in the friend list couldn’t load

Last Updated: December 3, 2014

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