Yes, there’s a SimCity DRM petition

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SimCity, the first game in the management title in over a decade released last week to a number of issues, keeping people from playing their perpetually connected, mostly single player game. The issues were less severe in European territories, and the US server issues are nearly resolved. Still fans want change – and they want change in the form of a patch that removes the need for a permanent online connection.

"When I, And millions of other people, buy a game that has a single-player experience, we expect it to work regardless of our connectivity to the internet, or quality of our connection.” says a petition on “EA has made this impossible, so many people with an unstable connection will not even be able to play the game in the first place, let alone anyone who wants to play on the go/with no internet connection."

Millions of people demand it! Right now, the petition sits with 59 000 signatures, though it will likely be just about as effective as one of Darryn’s pick-up lines.

Maxis has said it’s looking in to the possibility of an offline mode for the game, with Maxis General Manager Lucy Bradshaw saying on Twitter that  "We have no intention of offlining SimCity any time soon but we’ll look into that as part of our earning back your trust efforts."

However, just hours previously the official SimCity Twitter account said “The game was designed for MP, we sim the entire region on the server so [offline mode] is just not possible”

Have you been playing SimCity? If so, how’s your experience to date been?

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

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