Yes, we’re getting Xbox Music

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Rady Kaka!

One of the new, actually awesome features of the new Xbox Dashboard and Windows 8 is Xbox Music, a subscription-based music streaming and download service that’s not entirely unlike the magnificent Spotify or Pandora. There’s been much speculation as to whether or not the service would be destined for South Africa, given the patchy history of the Xbox Live rollout in South Africa. We can now confirm that it’ll be happening – but as always, there’s a caveat.

We chatted to local Xbox PR guy Graeme Selvan who told us the following:

“I can confirm that South Africa is on the roll out map for XBOX Music, but we currently have no launch date confirmed. We are also hoping to launch with local pricing and we have no local pricing models at this point.”

So yes, it looks like we will be getting Xbox Music – we just have no indication of when. Hopefully the roll out will be a little more expeditious than it was with Xbox Live; we were promised that would launch soon after the console’s local availability – but it took years of campaigning and begging until it actually happened.

Now that Microsoft actually knows we exist though, I’m fairly confident (and full of hope!) that we’ll be getting this sooner than later.

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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