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Yet another story about the unreliability of the Xbox 360

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The biggest story on N4G at the moment is a reworded article based on a previous article that based it’s assertions about the reliability of the Xbox 360 on old data.

If that sounds ridiculous to you then we are sharing an opinion here.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK has just published an article entitled The truth about the Xbox 360 which is based on an old VentureBeat article, actually it’s the same article just shortened.

Microsoft has already responded to that article with the following

“This topic has already been covered extensively in the media," the statement said. "This new story repeats old information, and contains rumors and innuendo from anonymous sources, attempting to create a new sensational angle, and is highly irresponsible

So to nutshell the entire story.

Microsoft pushed to get into the market before the PS3, they rushed and made huge mistakes, the first 360’s had a terrible reliability record, this has now been modified but the failure rate is still higher than the PS3.

There, not lets hope the next time this story is raised it contains something new like exact figures of previous failure rates compared to current failure rates.

I have always assumed a 33% failure rate for launch consoles with a 100% defective build rate for launch consoles.

Last Updated: November 13, 2008

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