You can customise everything in GT5… well everything in certain spots and on certain cars

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There has been a very strange backlash against Gran Turismo 5 over the past week which seemed to have started when the massive car list was unveiled.

In passing a car list of over 1000 vehicles should be something to crow about from the rooftops, and this is pretty much what ever GT5 fan did until people started looking closer and noticing that not only do we not have a single Porsche in the game but we also have a whole pile of Daihatsu’s that really no one cares about. Not to mention multiple models of pretty much the exact same car.

Then news broke yesterday that only 2 tracks will allow full weather features, something which just boggles my mind really. How have they developed the weather system to make it dependent on a track?

Anyway again that’s not a major flaw and neither is the latest one that popped up today. According to Playstationlifestyle you can also not change the wheels on any of the standard cars in the system and if you want to start tinkering with a car you need to upgrade to a premium model.

Which again is a truly bizarre decision and one I can’t see any technical merits for.

GT5 releases next week and I am sure on release all these weird minor bugs will be forgotten at the first sound of a Ferrari engine screaming down the back straight.

Source: PlaystationLifestyle

Last Updated: November 16, 2010

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