You can now hide your Steam gaming shame

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Sometimes, in a drunken Saturday night blur, you may end up buying a game on impulse – and end up with Barbie Horse Adventure 3 (just me?) as a mark of shame in your Steam library. There’s no need to wallow in your shame any longer. Steam has now been updated, and it lets you hide games from your library.

You’ll have to opt in to the latest version of the beta client, but once you do, you’ll be able to nominate games in your list on a per game basis, and hide them from view. unfortunately, as it stands, you’ll only be able to hide those games from yourself.

Prying eyes on the internet will still be able to go through your library and see what games you’ve been playing, so you may want to hold off on purchasing those dodgy Japanese dating sims or weird games about loving pigeons and whatever other rubbish is available on Gaben’s digital delivery service.

Still, it’s a bit of a godsend for those who’ve bought in to every single Humble Bundle, and partaken in every single Steam sale to end up with a library full of rubbish. You can now safely stow that stuff away, at the same time minimising any shame if somebody happens to look over your shoulder as you scroll past Sakura Spirit.

Here’s what else is New! and Improved!  in the latest Steam beta.

Steam Client

  • Updated desktop user interface styles, simplifying common controls and navigation elements, and neutralizing overall color palette to align with Steam web pages and Big Picture mode
  • Don’t delay content updates for games set to high priority
  • Fixed crash if you clicked on a game on the downloads page or clicked the details option in the games grid view


  • Add “Hide this game in my library” functionality, accessible from the Set Categories menu. Games that are hidden will not show up in library filters except for a new filter called “Hidden”, which will only appear once at least one game is marked as hidden. Hidden games are still available for play and will still appear on the user’s profile.
  • Synchronize selection between main window library views and Small Mode.
  • Fix game details panel scrolling to the top during game download/update
  • Fix crash when switching from downloads or grid view to details view

In-Home Streaming

  • Added hardware accelerated decoding for Mac OS X 10.9 and newer
  • Implemented periodic refresh to help repair screen smearing issue with NVIDIA hardware accelerated encoding
  • Fixed race condition that could cause streaming connections to fail to connect with a timeout notification

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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