You can pre-order the Black Ops 3 season pass right now!

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I’ve defended both DLC and Call of Duty before. While many abhor the franchise (and truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan myself), it certainly has its place. With millions of loyal ardent fans lapping the game up every year, it makes sense for Activision to capitalise on that. The same goes for DLC; “a fool and his money are soon parted,” the cliche goes. What I can’t stand though, is Season Passes.

They’re quite honestly a piss-take. Paying early for potential content that doesn’t yet exist takes the idea of pre-orders (which are stupid) and dials them up to eleven. At least with pre-ordering a game – especially one in a franchise that you know you love – has some sort of benefit, buying add-on content for that game with no notion of what it may be or how good it may be. If pre-ordering games is a stupid thing to do, then buying a Season Pass is asinine.

It especially gets up my nostrils when publishers make those Season passes – or any DLC really – available to buy months in advance. That’s the case with Black Ops 3. You can buy its season pass right now. It’s available on Steam for you to spend $49.99 of your hard-earned cash on. Yup. $50 Dollars. Nearly the price of the whole damned game. There’s no mention of what it contains, or what new features of maps might be added to a game that’s still six months away from released.

And it highlights perfectly what’s so wrong about the way publishers handle DLC. I don’t think too many people have as many issues with DLC as they believe they do – it’s just that the timing of it is generally pretty damned awful; announced before a game is even available. While it’s hardly the case, it leads consumers to believe that the content has been ripped out of the game, giving them a less than complete experience. I sincerely believe that if publishers held out on their DLC announcements until after games are already out, people would be far less angry about it all.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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