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You can still get cheap games on Steam, GoG and Humble Store

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Z shut up and take my money funny meme

I think I’m hungover. No, not from the champagne last night, but from all the awesome games I’ve bought during winter sales. I should be sorted for games for a long time… Oh, who am I kidding? I still need to buy more, and some of the sales are back with a vengeance.

Let’s start over on Good Old Games, where tons of awesome bundles are way to tempting to just buy, especially in our vulnerable, 1 January state. Check out some of these bundles:

  • Mighty Heroes Magic Pack: Heroes of Might and Magic 1-5, Heroes Chronicles – $17.44
  • The Creepy Crate: Knock-Knock, Slender: The Arrival, Shadow Man, Clive Barkers Undying, Penumbra, Pathologic – $15.54
  • Settlers Pack Supreme: The Settlers 2-4, The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary, Heritage of Kings – $12.45

For those who missed it in 2013, you can hear me scream during my Let’s Play of Knock Knock.

Then over on the Humble Store, they’re doing a Winter Sale Review where all the games that had awesome sales during Christmas are brought back to sale price. If you don’t have these games already, these prices will make them really tempting. We even have some indie reviews and features to help convince you:

Finally, there is our awesome Steam, which has been sucking my wallet dry all December. Thanks to flash sales, one of my favorite gaming experiences of 2013 is less than $3 and there are some unbeatable deals that you really shouldn’t pass up on.

  • Mark of the Ninja – $2.99
  • Mark of the NInja Special Edition – $3.59
  • Half-Life 2 – $2.49
  • Half-Life Complete – $9.99
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $9.99
  • Alan Wake – $2.99

So, if you’re waking up to 2014 feeling a bit lost and in need of some gaming comfort, there are plenty of awesome deals to wake you up and get you going.

Last Updated: January 1, 2014


  1. Hillbillly Gamer

    January 1, 2014 at 14:42

    Humble Store for the bandwidth inclined 😉


  2. Admiral Chief in Vegas

    January 2, 2014 at 07:52

    Bioshock 1-3 for $12.50


  3. Admiral Chief in Vegas

    January 2, 2014 at 07:52

    Happy new year all!!!


    • Her Highness the Hipster

      January 2, 2014 at 11:28

      happy new year! does this mean you’re back in pants, i mean work?


  4. Admiral Chief in Vegas

    January 2, 2014 at 07:54

    Oh and Civ5 Gold edition for $12.50


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