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You can upgrade your Xbox One hard drive

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One of the smartest things Sony did in the last generation was to release a console who’s hard drive can be easily, and legally, upgraded by anyone. And now with the onset of the digital evolution it is obvious that we are going to need more and more disk space in this generation so making your console upgradeable is just plain common sense.

But you know the strangest thing about common sense is that it really isn’t that common and the geniuses over at Microsoft decided to release a console to the market who’s hard drive can’t be upgraded without voiding your warranty.

However as iFixIt found out, that doesn’t actually mean it can’t be upgraded. 

In fact the HDD in a Xbox One is a standard Samsung SATA 2 500Gb and if you open up your case it’s pretty easy to swap as you can see in this video. It will however void your warranty so I’d strongly suggest not doing it.

There is a catch though, iFixIt didn’t upgrade the drive so we don’t know if the system will automatically format and prepare the drive like the PlayStation 4 does.

So anyone out there with a brand spanking new Xbox One who feels like voiding their warranty to test this theory out? Anyone?

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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