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You can’t have UMD Passport because you didn’t want it anyway

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I’m pretty enamoured with the PlayStation Vita right now (not surprising, given my insatiable technolust), but  I can’t say I care too much for backwards compatibility or the UMD Passport, but the fact that the system is in place for Japanese gamers has rightfully irked a few gamers who’d like to download and play their PSP games without having to pay full price for them again.

In an interview with Wired, Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has explained why the UMD passport won’t be headed to the West.

“The system has been introduced in Japan, where there is a much larger demand for PSP games. When you look at the release schedule of new titles there are still lots of PSP games being released in Japan and being announced for release. Lots of people who are interested in trying Vita are also interested in playing PSP games that they might purchase before Vita comes out, and will not necessarily choose the digital version. So there is a lot more demand to introduce a program like that,” Yoshida said.

“The other point is that when you look at PSP titles sold digitally in the States or Europe, games are sold for a really reasonable price. You can buy Final Fantasy Tactics for $10. That’s a great price. There are many, many games that are sold at an affordable price. Because people in Japan are not getting the digital copy for free, because it costs us money to develop and maintain the system so we are asking people to pay somewhere between $5 and $10 to receive the digital copy in addition to what they have on the UMD.

“When you compare that to the price of games here, PSP games in Japan are sold at a much higher price, so people see the value in spending the $5 to $10 to get the digital copy. But when the games are already sold at a lower price in the U.S. we see less value in introducing that kind of system. The combination of the new titles available, or the lack of, and the price difference, the company decided to do that.”

There you go. Digital PSP games are cheap enough, you moochers!

Last Updated: February 22, 2012

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