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Big Boobs

So if you haven’t heard about the Spore Creature Creator go get that now and then come back to the story…

Basically the creature creator gives us all a taste of what we can expect to create and see in the full Spore game that is being released by EA later this year.

In Spore you get to go around creating and mutating your own animals and then watching to see how life would progress if you were God… which is always a nice idea.

While I am looking forward to the game this really has nothing to do with the game, On June 6th the deputy editor over at PC Gamer UK presented Spores first penis to the world. Not to be outdone his American counterpart presented the very lovely boobalicious (above) the very next day.

Well EA were not impressed and instantly kicked them both of the service as they had violated the terms and conditions of the product.

While I full support EA in this one, as it is an all ages game, it does raise the question of how are they going to stop this happening on a much greater scale once this SPORN fashion hits the larger community…

I wonder how long it’s going to be before we get our first XXX LittleBigPlanet level?

On a side note which is slightly related… by don’t they just make adult games for the consoles as well?

Last Updated: June 25, 2008

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