Sony seems to be toying with us – first rumour said that there would be a PS4 and Vita bundle, but then the powers that be came out and said there were no such plans. Now, it appears that such a bundle might be in the cards.

Sony is saying that everything is still in the planning stage, but that we might see such a bundle after all:

Ambivalent is maybe too strong a word. We’re still in the planning phase so it’s not a yes, its not a no. And the option is still there to pick up the two of them. We’ll make it happen in the ways that are best for our retail partners really and we’ll work with them. The concept is becoming more real by the week

Other than the fact that he doesn’t know the definition of ambivalence, this sounds pretty good to me. I really want this bundle – I need both a PS4 and a PS Vita in my life. One stop shopping is always nice. Of course it will depend on the price, but I’m sure they could put something together that would be worth my while.

Of course, one lucky person won’t need such a bundle, because they will be winning a PS Vita bundled with Killzone Mercenary. Oh, did you forget or miss that one? If so, be sure to go fill in this form and make me ridiculously jealous when you win. The competition closes on 6 October, so make sure to enter before you get carried away with rAge.

Last Updated: October 2, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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