You might want to pre-order your next gen console

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Neither Microsoft nor Sony’s next generation console is here yet. From what we’ve heard, we expect Sony’s PlayStation 4 to release locally around November this year, with Microsoft’s Xbox One coming a little later next year. If you want either of them close to their respective releases dates, you might want to look at pre-ordering.

According to Sony, PS4 demand “may well outstrip supply”, to which Jack Tretton recently added:

“I certainly think, given the technology that we’re offering, given the software lineup, given the price point we have, that we’ll have consumers interested in excess of what we’re able to manufacture.”

And while much of the momentum seems to be in Sony’s favour right now, Demand for the Xbox One is also rather high. Apparently the US arm of the retailer Gamestop has stopped taking Xbox One pre-orders because its already exhausted its initial stock consignments. UK’s  GAME has also  revealed that pre-orders for the Xbox One have been “very strong,” saying that there’s been a “great activity both in store and online with very strong pre-order numbers.”

“There are lot of gamers out there in the UK gaming community who can’t wait to get their hands on the console,” they told Videogamer.

Coupled with how relatively small our gaming market is, it’s safe to assume that there’ll be quite a limited number of consoles available – and if you want to ensure you get one as soon as they’re available, you might want to pre-order as son as that option is available to you. I know local retailers BT Games and AWX have preliminary pre-orders for the new systems open, while other retailers are likely waiting for some sort of pricing and availability confirmation before they commit to anything.

Have you pre-ordered?

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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