You need to be Strong to be Bad

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When hanging around with a Flash-savvy crowd, there are a few things you can do that would qualify as a serious faux pas. One of them is being clueless over who Foamy the Squirrel is. Another is thinking Newgrounds is a place to buy plants online. But at the top of the heap is openly admitting you’ve never heard of Strong Bad.

Seriously, the guy’s had a song in Guitar Hero II (Trogdor) and you’ve never heard of him? Shame on you. But help is at hand! Strong Bad is the most popular character from the Homestar Runner flash site, which pulls around a million visitors a month. His specialty is to respond to reader emails, usually in unhelpful, sarcastic ways. Actually, always in unhelpful, sarcastic ways and usually as a means to degrade his younger brother, Strong Sad.

Ah, it is hard to explain really, so here’s a random sample of Strong Bad cartoons: R-rated movies, the Environment, Wrestling, Missionaries Mercenaries and of course Trogdooooooooooooooor!

There’s a handy Wikipedia article for more info, but why post about it here? Because Sam & Max developer Telltale Games announced a Strong Bad game! A trailer and screens after the break…

Last Updated: April 11, 2008

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