Gameplay footage. It’s the life blood of YouTube, and as soon as we can figure out how to rake in millions of those internet dollars, we’ll be ditching all your asses and buying tropical islands. Ahem, I mean we love you guys. You can capture gameplay right now for hours of YouTube shenanigans on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Playstation 4 though? That might not be possible.

Because the Playstation 3 had HDCP copy protection in order to prevent folks from pirating the hell out of Blu-Ray, you had to use component cables along with the HDMI cable on your capture device to get that gameplay footage.

The Playstation 4 however, is all HDMI baby, as the folks on NeoGAF pointed out. No AV port means you can’t grab footage then, a big issue for the let’s play community that Sony’s president Shuhei Yoshida responded to on Twitter:

Not much of an answer really. Now, while it’s still rumoured that the PS4 HDMI output will be encrypted, Sony could always find a solution to that, allowing gamers to share more than just a few minutes of gameplay onto YouTube than what is currently possible. The problem though, is that anyone who does this seriously, wants to sit back and edit their work properly first.

I’m hoping that Sony finds a solution. Microsoft already did for the Xbox One, saying that gameplay footage would not be encrypted. Your move Sony.

Last Updated: September 13, 2013

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