You won't be Kinect-ing with FIFA 14

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Despite the fact that every Xbox One will have a Kinect, FIFA 14 will not be making use of it for controlling the game.  In spite of the fact that the new Kinect is more accurate, the motion control was not “additive to the core game experience”.

During EA’s E3 press conference, we got some interesting updates about new features in the sports games.  Better footwork, more realistic game play, and words like pivot, dribbling and cap which help lull Geoff to sleep at that point in the evening.  That said, this new FIFA won’t be using the Kinect as people imagine it should be used – not for lack of trying.

In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Sports boss, Andrew Wilson, explained:

“We never say never, and the teams are prototyping a series of things that feel like they’re additive to the experience. We don’t want gimmicks. We don’t want to do it just because it’s available. We want to do things that truly add to the experience.”

Nice not to want to be gimmicky.  However, FIFA 13 comes with voice commands, letting you activate tactics and even call for a pass.  However, if you use inappropriate language, the commentators might mention it and the referee might also respond.  While in part that sounds cool, I’m not sure that it falls under the feature column rather than the gimmick column.

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In any event, while FIFA 13 uses voice recognition technology, don’t expect FIFA 14 to let you start running around your living room, doing your own bicycle kicks.  Actually, maybe they really should – the Kinect is watching and can record for the internet’s viewing pleasure!

Last Updated: June 21, 2013

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  • Trevor Davies

    Don’t lie, it’s because you know someone will kill themselves trying a bicycle kick & then you’ll get sued.

  • Hammersteyn

    One word. Lawsuit, no matter how many disclaimers, warnings and T&C’s people agree to, they will still sue MS and EA when grandpa attempts a bicycle kick and breaks his hip.

  • Regarding this inappropriate language with the voice commands. This won’t be the first game that does something like this. (I could be wrong) But anyway back to my point.

    Now for those that have played some MMOs and so forth would have noticed that allot of Afrikaans words gets picked up as inappropriate language.

    Now I wonder if this might also happen with the voice commands. You might ask your friend to pass the snacks in your language, next thing you know, you are getting a yellow card. 🙂

    • Brady miaau

      Hero’s Quest, Police and Space Quest’s and so forth had some amusing things to when you got frustrated and told the game to FXXX Off. Very funny.

      Remember those, you had to type everything, Look At Hut, House of Brown, now sit down, and all that.

  • FoxOneZA – X-Therminator

    Double spaces FTW!!!

  • TechniKyle

    Imagine the injuries…

    • Tarisma

      Even better the YouTube videos

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