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You’ll be able to play Blair Witch in VR just in time for Halloween

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This was inevitable, right? It seems weird to release a story-focused first-person horror game in recent years and not port it to VR at some point. It’s a medium that really accentuates the “immersion” that horror game developers love to include as a selling point on their Steam page. Still, an obvious choice isn’t necessarily a bad one because putting Blair Witch on a VR system is a damn fine move. Released last year, Blair Witch was a fantastic horror game that I really enjoyed, even if it was a little derivative of the franchise it was pulling from and had some lacklustre story elements. Still, it was a spooky game with a very good dog companion and I’d definitely play it again in VR.

Set to release on 29 October for Oculus Quest, Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition… well, the description is on the tin. It’s the complete Blair Witch game, alongside the additional content packs for your dog Bullet, all translated for a VR headset and control scheme. Judging by the trailer released last night, this particular version of Blair Witch has an added range of interactions with the world, including being able to draw on maps and, presumably, chuck things at enemies like any decent protagonist in a horror game. Oh, there’s also seemingly been a graphical downgrade but considering this is running on a computer that’s attached to your face, that’s an expected sacrifice.


Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition will cost you $30. Bloober Team has confirmed that support for other headsets will be coming in the future but there’s no confirmed date for any further updates. If you’re at all interested in Blair Witch, read our review of the original game right here.

Last Updated: October 7, 2020

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