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You’ll need to survive until August 26 for Until Dawn

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Stupid teenagers. Stupid teenagers doing sex stuff while ignoring the hidden terrors around them and being blissfully unaware that their lives are about to be cut shorter than than my attempt at 15 seconds of fame on the X-Factor. Thing is, it’s hard being an attractive person/cliché in a horror movie. What, you think being the lovable weed-smoker is an easy role? That takes training! And dedication! The kind of dedication that you’ll need to survive the night in Until Dawn.

The upcoming Choose-Your-Own-Death-Adventure from Supermassive Games finally has a release date: August 26. If you’ve got no idea what game I’m talking about, then here’s the skinny on Until Dawn. It’s a survival-horror game where players need to make some hard ethical and moral choices in order to allow at least one person in their party of eight to survive being axed a system. Of course, doing that ain’t easy, as the game needs to be played through multiple times in order to get the most out of the butterfly effect system that impacts on the decisions that you make in the game. This also means that the auto-save setting in the game has been tweaked, so there’s no rolling back to handle things differently during any one playthrough.

Of course, they’re all just a bunch of pixels to me and any choice that I’ve ever made has been poorly thought out, so I’m expecting these cast of leftovers from Dawson’s Creek to get chopped up within minutes of me starting Until Dawn. Yeah, I’m a horrible person as well. You don’t even want to see how I played Black and White and turned my village into a cult of human-sacrificing worshippers. Here’s a bunch of screens of the game, featuring new digital actor acquisition Peter Stormare:

Until Dawn (6)

Until Dawn (1)

Until Dawn (2)

Until Dawn (4)

Until Dawn (5)

Until Dawn (3)

Last Updated: May 27, 2015

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