There are some rather disquieting rumours that Grand Theft auto V will be delayed locally –  particularly for those who’ve ordered a copy through some of our Cape-town based retailers. We’ve been trying to contact just about everybody  involved. Here’s the deal.

As an attempt to stave of piracy and leaks, Rockstar has requested that copies of the game can only be shipped out on a specific date. All stock of the game is actually in the country on time, but because of those stipulations and the way things are shipped out, they might not reach everybody on time to people who live outside of main areas.

You shouldn’t worry though – everybody is doing all they can to make sure you get your game. We got this response from Kalahari – the retailer most seem to be worried about – regarding the situation.

We are receiving our stock first thing Monday morning, and we are dispatching all pre-orders the same day.

All customers in main city centres will receive their GTA V pre-order on 17 September, and outlying areas will take between 2 to 3 working days.

We are taking further measures to ensure that GTA V pre-orders are given the highest priority on Monday in our warehouse.

We have a GTA V task team to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible.

If your readers are still concerned, and they have pre-ordered with us, they can call our call centre to confirm their delivery time on: (021) 468 9200

This will obviously be a bit of a problem for those in outlaying areas who’ve pre-ordered and taken the day off work to play the game. As it stands, the only way to really, really make sure you have a copy of the game on release is to walk in to a store and buy it on release date, or attend one of the midnight launches.

Those of you who do live in major centres probably have nothing to worry about. We’ll update as we hear more. 


BT Games has also responded, saying that they don’t forsee any problems with GTA V being delivered on time, barring issues out of their control. 

Last Updated: September 13, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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