Your eyeballs can barely comprehend the majesty of the exclusive DOOM Eternal steelbook art

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Doom Eternal

I like to think of myself as a patron of the arts. Real art mind you. A Jackson Pollock piece that happens to look like somebody injected hot ink into their anus and then did a squat over the canvas? Yawn. A freshly discovered piece of work by famed painter Claude Monet? More like I ain’t got no Monet for this overhyped piece of art.

No sir, give me something modern. Give me something that the artists of today spent countless hours on, working digital magic and toiling away into the night to create something that would kick the Renaissance right in the Balzac. Give me something like DOOM Eternal’s gorgeous cover art, which is leagues better than the 2016’s reboot that was about as pedestrian as Abbey Road on Beatles Appreciation Day.

Bethesda has decided to provide a closer look at the art for the steel book case that will be available in the DOOM Eternal collector’s edition, and even though I’d bet that the included Doom Slayer helmet is rubbish shaped with thin ABS plastic, the art for the steel book fills me with all kinds of good feelings. Click to embiggen the masterpiece that was designed by Mondo and rendered by Gabz:

Doom Eternal

Sweet Beezleboss, I want that entire image tattooed on my flesh. DOOM Eternal kicks seven circles of hell out of demons on November 22 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and even Google Stadia.

Last Updated: July 9, 2019

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