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Your ghost is actually going to be useful in Destiny: The Taken King

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It’s been two entire days since I’ve written anything about Destiny, but that’s about to change. And not just because I’ve finally figured out the password to the program that Geoff installed on my PC which kills any mention of the game (The password was Br3ndaSuxlol).

There’s now just a mere month or so to go before Destiny finally releases in proper form after a year of beta-testing. The Taken King isn’t just an expansion, it’s a game-changer that completely revamp the way that Destiny works.

New currencies, revised Strikes and a proper storyline headline this expansion. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, according to a recent Game Informer preview, summed up on Reddit:

  • Green-class weapons are actually stronger in year two, stronger than legendary and exotic weapons even
  • You can’t use your Sparrow in the Dreadnaught, but the level design feels tighter and more compact to make up for this
  • One Exotic weapon bounty requires you to find fifty parts that are scattered throughout the Dreadnaught
  • Other races such as the Fallen, Cabal and Hive are on board the Dreadnaught, alongside the Taken
  • Some weapons can be sacrificed to better upgrade others
  • More gear, means more cosmetic choices in Destiny
  • Ghosts now give Guardians stats and light
  • Ghosts also come with perks, such as being able to show where nearby planetary materials are or increased Glimmer earned from Hive kills
  • You can now decide which weapon-class is shown in public spaces
  • Older armour can be traded in for class-specific materials to help create new gear
  • XUR will now sell an item that can boost the chances of an Exotic dropping in the game
  • Strikes are retooled to be replayable, and include mixing up enemy locations and races
  • Strike playlists have been increased
  • Vanguard Legacy is comprised of all year one Strikes
  • Vanguard Ursa is made up of random Strikes on Heroic modifiers that award Legendary marks and engrams
  • Vanguard Marmoset consists of The Taken King Strikes only
  • Will be hand crafting Nightfall strike modifiers
  • Better Crucible bounties
  • New bounties Class, Fireteam, Featured playlists and weekly bounties for big rewards

As I said, big changes. Right now, I’m preparing to take a break before The Taken King arrives. Right after I complete one more challenge, that I need for my Triumph badge. I’m talking about defeating Skolas in the Prison of Elders, which I know is going to be a bastard of a fight.

But after over 120 hours in Destiny, my level 34 Titan is ready to crack some Fallen skulls. BRING IT!

Last Updated: August 13, 2015

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